About Malvern

The Main Line community of Malvern is a borough located in Chester County Pennsylvania. As the farthest point west of the Main Line, it is approximately 25 miles away from Philadelphia. Like the rest of the Main Line it is an excellent place to live and invest your real estate money.

Malvern History

Originally the Main Line ended in Paoli, but as it continues to extend west, it now includes Malvern and its own stop on the R5 line. Route 30, also known as Lancaster Avenue, the Main thoroughfare of the Main Line, extends right through Malvern. In a somewhat confusing manner, the areas on the north of the borough along Route 30 are Malvern and the areas on the West are Frazer, sharing the same zip code.

Malvern real estate is continuing to grow at a rapid pace with a great deal of new developments and rising property values. Perhaps a bit more rural than other parts of the Main Line, it may actually have more of the spirit of the original Main Line with less congested land and a greater countryside feel. Despite its greater distance from Philadelphia, it is still an easy train ride to the city, especially with express commuter trains.

The Paoli Massacre

The Paoli Massacre, also known as the Battle of Paoli, which took place during the American Revolutionary War actually occurred in Malvern. Originally settled by the Welsh in the 1600s, Malvern became an incorporated borough from segments of Willistown Township in 1889.