About Wayne

The unincorporated community of Wayne is an upscale community located roughly 14 miles from Philadelphia on the historic Main Line. The exact location of Wayne can be confusing because parts of it extend through three counties. The center of Wayne is located in Radnor Township in Delaware County and extends into Upper Merion in Montgomery County and Tedyffrin Township in Chester County. While all three sections are nice, the portion in Upper Merion Township is perhaps less desirable as it is not officially on the Main Line and has a different school system. Therefore, the real estate in that segment of Wayne is more reasonably priced, but still fairly expensive.

Wayne is often referred to as one of the best places even on the Main Line and has won accolades in the past as one of the nicest places. Some of the most spectacular estates in Philadelphia’s history have been located in Wayne. Originally named Louella after the daughters Ella and Louisa of founder J. Henry Askins, it was later renamed General Station in honor of General Anthony Wayne. The community of Wayne was home to the first turnpike in the United States, which keyed growth in the area starting in the late 1700s. When the railroad started developing that far out with Historic Wayne station, it became a favorite retreat for Philadelphia’s wealthy.

Home to some of the finest public schools in the United States, Wayne is also home to the Valley Forge Military Academy, the Devereaux School, and many other private schools. Wayne is home to and in proximity of some of the best parks, restaurants, recreational facilities and entertainment on the Main Line. Wayne is a well laid out town, believed to have been created by scheme building in necessary conveniences early on, rather than a bunch of houses haphazardly settled without plan. Wayne’s future looks bright to as it continues to flourish with job growth projected to vastly outstrip that of the metro area.