sellersIf you’re selling a home, a good real-estate agent will help you set the right price, market the home professionally, qualify the buyers and expertly negotiate and finalize the sale.

An experienced agent has strong knowledge with recent sales and can walk a tightrope, balancing optimism with realism and diplomacy with unbiased honesty.

You want an agent who is passionately familiar with your neighborhood, but the agent with the most signs in your neighborhood or who sends out monthly postcards may not be your best choice, either. It is vital for your agent to have constructive input about price and condition of your home; every home is uniquely different and pricing it right against the competing homes in the current market conditions is the best strategy for success.
Each agent you interview should offer a comparison of recent and pending sales of homes similar to yours and know enough about the neighborhood and recent sales to explain why you should list your home for more or less than the neighbor down the street who sold last season.

The slower the market, the longer the contract an agent is likely to require. A listing contract is six months typically. However, for slower-selling, high-end homes over $1 million, agents may want a year because Agents spend a few thousand dollars on marketing your home. Please contact Rainny for a FREE Home Valuation.